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wholesale Copper Clad Steel - wangji110 - 14-02-2020

The development and production of copper-steel composite strip is a new force in the field of metal composite strip materials in China  in recent years. There is no specific product standard for deep drawing copper-steel composite sheet and strip in China, and the product standard of steel strip or copper strip is basically extended at present; moreover, there  is no foreign standard that can be directly used for reference in the field of deep drawing application, which is not conducive to deep drawing copper-steel composite sheet and strip. The market application and popularization  of steel composite sheet and strip in this field, as well as standardized production. Therefore, it is urgent to formulate industry standards of copper-steel composite sheet and strip for deep drawing as soon as possible to  guide production and promotion and guide the consumer market, especially in the application field of international market.wholesale Copper Clad Steel